Single Parenting Stress

Single Parenting Stress

By: Mercedes Renter

Raising children on your own can result in an overwhelming amount of stress and pressure into parenting. Aside from the financial obligations of raising a family and maintaining a roof over your head with food on the table, single parenting comes with more obstacles than one may think. Emotionally, a single parent must take on the role of both parents at once which leaves them to be both “bad” and “good” cop all at once. This can allow one to feel lonely and isolated when it comes to decision making because they often feel lost without another opinion. Guilt will arise from these situations but your own well-being it is better to focus on any accomplishments.

There are many ways to reduce the stress and attempt to live in a calmer environment. One thing that can be done is to set up a support system. All parents need a little help here and there so do not feel ashamed to ask for it. Maintaining a daily routine can allow you to find yourself with more time to relax. For example, set up a schedule for meals, chores, bedtimes and anything else that is included in your day to day routine. Treat your children like children; although the other parent is absent you should not rely too heavily on the child. A way to notice if you are relying on them too much is if your frustration is being shown more on them than in any other aspect of your life. Lastly, stay positive and take time for yourself.

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