Anxiety Coping Skills

Anxiety Coping Skills

By: Anna Giammanco

Dealing with anxiety is often a lot easier said than done. It’s common to find yourself feeling powerless. Coping skills can not only provide a relief but can also give you more confidence when dealing with your anxiety.

When trying to use different anxiety coping skills, it is important to remember that some things can work better or worse for different people. It is also important to remind yourself to not be discouraged when a coping skill does not work right away. It can take practice to master these types of skills.

Some helpful anxiety coping skills:

  • Distraction; Whether it’s listening to music, watching a TV show, doing a physical activity, or any other activity that can occupies your mind, distraction can be a simple way to focus your mind on something less stressful.
  • Deep breathing; Practice focused deep breathing (breathe in for four counts and breathe out for four counts. Try this for a few minutes).
  • Progressive muscle relaxation; Find a private, quiet location. Close your eyes and slowly tense each of your muscles from your head to your toes. Hold for a few seconds each and then release. This technique can help loosen and relax muscles that become tense due to anxiety.
  • Grounding techniques; Grounding techniques can help someone struggling with anxiety to get out of their head and re-anchor themselves to reality. An example of a grounding technique is the 5-4-3-2-1 technique. It includes listing 5 things you see, 4 things you feel, 3 things you hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.
  • Communicating/expressing anxiety; Sometimes, clearly expressing your anxieties through words (whether through writing or vocalization) can help you fully understand your anxiety and help you let go of it.

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