Healthy ways to get over a break-up


By: Jasmine Coe


A “break-up”, a phrase we are all familiar with and dread when it comes. The pain of a break-up is always the worst, having to create new daily routines, keeping the other person out of your mind, and not having everything remind you of your relationship. Physical pain doesn’t even hurt as much as the emotional and mental anguish that we deal with every day after a break-up, but why keep putting ourselves through that? Why keep allowing ourselves to drown in sorrow instead of putting up a fight and not letting our past conquer our future. Well, I have good news for you, TODAY is the day that all ends.

Here are a few things that we tend to do, but should be avoided:

  1. Speaking negative about yourself
  2. Ruminating on your mistakes
  3. Idealizing your significant other
  4. Avoiding relationships
  5. Dodging activities you enjoy
  6. Shunning loved ones
  7. Keeping reminders of them

Don’t deter yourself from starting the next chapter in your life. Look for these signs and go out of your way to escape them.





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