Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

By: Anna Giammanco

Trouble regulating emotions is a core symptom of Borderline Personality disorder. Trouble controlling emotions can cause impulsive actions. It can also negatively influence relationships with others, as well as create a warped self- image.

Other symptoms include:

  •  Intense and unstable interpersonal relationships
  • Strong feelings of dissociation (feeling cut off from oneself, a feeling of observing oneself outside one’s body)
  • Trouble controlling anger and or inappropriate outbursts of anger
  • Suicidal thinking
  • Long lasting feelings of emptiness
  • Intense moods that often vary (these episodes can last for hours or days)
  • Impulsive actions that can often be dangerous (unsafe sex, spending sprees, reckless driving, substance abuse, etc)
  • Acts of self-harm (cutting, etc)
  • Attempts to avoid real or perceived abandonment (quickly getting into an intense relationship or quickly leaving one)

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