Alcoholism during COVID-19

By: Elyse Ganss

Alcohol sales have spiked during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Nielson, during the month of March alone, alcohol sales were up by 55%. Thus, it is clear that COVID-19 has caused an increase in alcohol consumption. This could have negative health effects as well as cause an alcohol dependency and subsequent addiction. Addiction can result in job loss, the disruption of relationships, and difficulties in performing normal, day-to-day functions.

Alcohol abuse causes chemical changes in the brain that create feelings of pleasure when consuming alcohol, which make an addicted person reliant on the use of alcohol. They must continually up their dosage to feel the same sensation of pleasure as tolerance develops. Risk factors for alcoholism include a family history of substance abuse, a mental health problem, binge drinking, high stress, and low self-esteem.

A mental health professional will aid the patient with creating a treatment plan. Usually a detox program will be created that includes medication to help the patient safely withdraw from alcohol usage. Unregulated withdrawal can cause seizures and other negative health effects. Therapy is typically recommended for addicted patients as it can help the patient work through the issues that may have caused them to turn to substance abuse. Finally, family or couples therapy may be recommended to repair relationships that may have been damaged because of addiction.

If you or someone you know needs support for alcoholism or substance abuse, please contact our psychotherapy offices in New York or New Jersey to talk to one of our licensed professional psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, or psychotherapists at Arista Counseling & Psychotherapy. Contact our Paramus, NJ or Manhattan, NY offices respectively, at (201) 368-3700 or (212) 722-1920 to set up an appointment. For more information, please visit .


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