How much anger is enough?

How much anger is enough?

By: Mariam Elbedeiwy


As humans we experience a lot of different emotions.  Most of them are necessary for survival, but some overwhelm us and affect our daily lives.  For example, have you ever seen someone sitting in traffic, angry and cursing up a storm? Or seen someone get mad over the smallest mistake?  Those are common signs of anger issues.  Some people are good at expressing their anger, while some aren’t.

The American Psychological Association breaks down a lot of information about anger, including the normal ways to express it.  They state that there are different ways to express this anger, and when or if they fail, then help is needed.

The three ways to express anger properly are, to first be aggressive about it, second suppressing it and third to control and calm internal responses.  If the proper ways to express anger don’t work then there are always alternatives and help provided.


The biggest problem our society faces is that no one likes to admit that they have an issue.  We tend to see the consequences of the denial every day.  The shootings and current violence in Ferguson is a perfect example.  If we analyze it we’ll realize that violence emerges from anger that hasn’t been expressed properly.  Not only that anger affects each individual, but it also affects the relationships with people that we care about.

Now that we understand that improperly expressed anger can result in negative consequences, it would be wise to someone with anger issues to consider counseling.  The American Psychological Association states that, a psychologist or other licensed mental health professional can work with individuals to help develop a range of techniques for changing your thinking and your behavior.