Cannabis: Healing Therapy


An Initiative To Legalize Marijuana In California To Appear On Nov. Ballot

By: Dara Kushnir

Currently cannabis is used to treat chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer, epilepsy, and a series of other disorders and diagnoses. Dustin Sulak, an osteopathic physician in Maine who prescribes cannabis to patients, talks about cannabis use in a Northern New Jersey Natural Awakenings article. He states that using cannabis decreases the dependence on opioids and can be a substitute for prescription drugs. He does acknowledge that cannabis dependency does exist but is much more uncommon that heroin. Both common side effects as well as withdrawal symptoms of cannabis are mild. Dizziness is the most common side effect but it is not limited to altered consciousness, euphoria, panic or paranoid reaction, and increased appetite.

The key to using medicinal cannabis is finding the ideal dosage level that minimizes the side effects and maximizes the benefits. More is not always better. Through Dustin Sulak’s experience, he has seen a dose response curve; as the dose gets higher, peoples responses increase until a certain point where the response actually starts to decrease. The optimal amount is at the peak of that curve, where the dose is as low as possible with the greatest number of benefits.

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Source:                   Nagle, A.L. (2019, January). Dustin Sulak on Cannabis as a Healing Therapy. Natural Awakenings, 14-15.




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