Panic Disorder: The Basics


Panic Disorder: The Basics

Daniela Chica

Although there are no known definitive causes of panic disorder, it is a common illness among Americans. People with panic disorder experience short or long spans of time of sheer panic or they experience a panic attack. Although there are multiple types of experiences that can elicit fear, people with the disorder feel fear and panic even when there is no real danger. More women experience panic disorder than men; however it affects each gender in the same way. Often times the illness is so debilitating, that it doesn’t allow for the completion of normal tasks like driving or going to the grocery store.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, people with panic disorder experience:

  • Sudden and repeated panic attacks of overwhelming anxiety and fear
  • A feeling of being out of control, or a fear of death or impending doom during a panic attack
  • Physical symptoms during a panic attack, such as a pounding or racing heart, sweating, chills, trembling, breathing problems, weakness or dizziness, tingly or numb hands, chest pain, stomach pain, and nausea
  • An intense worry about when the next panic attack will happen
  • A fear or avoidance of places where panic attacks have occurred in the past

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