Marijuana Use: The Tell Tale Signs


Marijuana Use: The Tell Tale Signs

Daniela Chica

Marijuana use may have become a common activity in the United States in the past decade, however people still have a tough time deciphering whether or not someone they know is under the influence of the drug. Because the effects of the drug vary based on how much THC the marijuana contains, it can be difficult to spot whether or not the person is under the influence of marijuana. Some common symptoms to look out for are:

  • Dizziness and/or trouble walking
  • Bloodshot or red eyes
  • Sleepiness as time goes by
  • Person giggles a lot or finds trivial things funny
  • Remembering things that just happened is troublesome for the person

While the symptoms of the drug may be less severe, depending on the amount of THC, than other controlled substances or narcotics, the effects of marijuana can still impair a person’s ability to make clear decisions, view the world clearly and move about their normal day. Once under the influence of marijuana, people should not operate machinery or vehicles of any kind or should not engage in other dangerous activity like further drug and alcohol consumption. Other factors to look out for are withdrawal symptoms often linked to marijuana use such as depression, anxiety, hostility and fatigue.

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