Anxiety in Our Nation: Election 2016

2016 USA presidential election poster. EPS 10

Every four years, our nation goes through a period of time where everyone seems to have an opinion about everything, especially the election. This upcoming presidential election seems to be especially provocative to our nation’s citizens, and even seems to be a contributor to some people’s anxiety. DC Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Stephen Holland reports “probably two-thirds to three-quarters of our patients are mentioning their feelings about the election in session” ( This is most likely caused by the uncertainty of the election’s outcome as well as some of the extreme policies certain candidates would like to enact if they are elected. Anxiety is also escalated by social media which enables people to see the many different opinions of friends and friends of friends. When they see opinions that they strongly disagree, anxiety is induced. Another source of anxiety could also be the pressure of making the ultimate decision of which candidate to vote for. It seems most people are supporting their candidate solely because they don’t want someone else to win. What we must all do is make sure our anxiety does not cripple us and that we ultimately make the decision that we think is best.

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Written By: Caroline Leary


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