Oxytocin: D.I.Y. De-Stressing

You might have heard of the word “oxytocin” before but may not be familiar with what it is. This important hormone is found in our bodies and is responsible for things such as bonding, de-stressing, pleasure, and social behavior. It turns out that there exists a multitude of ways you can manipulate your own oxytocin levels to your benefit! Here are ten ways which you can increase your levels and have a better day.

  1. Give money away. Whether you donate a few dollars, or buy a small gift for a friend, giving money away has been shown to increase oxytocin levels.
  2. Touch someone. You can give someone a handshake, but if you really want to benefit, grab a loved one and give them a hug!
  3. Use social media. Connect with someone virtually on your favorite social media platform. Even “liking” a photo or retweeting a post will do.
  4. Laugh. Watch a funny show or movie or see a comedy show. Better yet, bring a friend along!
  5. Get some air. Go outside for half an hour, walk around, and enjoy the fresh air. Bask in the sun and let your mind relax.
  6. Visit a shooting range. If there is a shooting range near you, try your hand at firing a gun at targets. While it might seem strange, studies have found shooting guns releases oxytocin.
  7. Call a friend. Have a chat with someone you care about. It doesn’t have to be a long phone call, just a brief check-in.
  8. Be around someone that trusts you. While you can’t force anyone to trust you, being around those that do is beneficial to your mental and emotional wellbeing.
  9. Chill out with music. Put the Mozart Pandora channel on or some other soothing sounds.
  10. Practice deep breathing. Try some deep breathing exercises: hold your breath for 8 seconds, breathe out for 8 seconds, breathe in for 8 second, and repeat.

Utilize a handful of these simple tips daily to give your day a boost!

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By: Scout H






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