“Depression and Obesity: The Double Epidemic”

By: Chana Kaufman

Depression and obesity seem to be phenomena that occur together, however, akin to the case of the chicken and the egg, it is unclear which precedes or causes the other. Studies have established that there definitely is a link between the two, and many patients within these spectrums often exhibit symptoms for both. According to Marina Williams, LMHC, “In fact, the two conditions are so intertwined that some are calling obesity and depression a double epidemic.” Furthermore, Williams establishes that, “Studies have found that 66 percent of those seeking bariatric, (weight loss) surgery have had a history of at least one mental health disorder.”

The question begs, why do depression and obesity fit so neatly and often occur simultaneously? In her article on this topic, Williams offers a simple explanation for the correlation between the two. Depression makes one lose willpower in life, resulting in decisions such as healthy eating or exercise to be sidelined or eliminated completely. Additionally, certain foods, mostly unhealthy choices, are what we associate with as comfort food and often resort to when feeling kind of blue. According to Williams, “Eating something unhealthy is much easier than fixing the problem or dealing with what’s causing us to feel unhappy”. Williams emphasizes that seeking help and learning how to deal with issues such as depression and sadness will oftentimes lead to an overall healthier lifestyle, and positively affect the issue of obesity as well.

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Source: http://psychcentral.com/lib/obesity-genetics-depression-and-weight-loss/


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