Bipolar Disorder is often Diagnosed after a Failed Trial with Anti-Depressant Medication

By: Judy Gurfein

Often failure of a depressed individual to respond to antidepressant medication signals that the patient is actually suffering from the depressive stage of a bipolar disorder. When a patient who is depressed takes an antidepressant medication, the patient usually reports less depression, increased motivation, improved mood, and reduced anxiety. However, if the patient actually has bipolar disorder and appears to be depressed because he or she is in the depressed phase of a bipolar disorder, the antidepressant will often result in increased anxiety and increased agitation, with no improvement in depressive symptoms. This should be a signal that the patient probably has bipolar disorder and not unipolar depression. Appropriate medication should then be prescribed which will reduce the depressive symptoms but which will not increase agitation, anger or other symptoms of mania.


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