New Year’s Resolution or Dissolution

By: Dariana Taveras

The clock was ticking as billions across the globe anxiously anticipated the magical strike signaling a new year filled with endless opportunities. Friends, families, acquaintances, lovers, and partners alike gathered around to warmly welcome 2015 with remarkable hopes, aspirations, and goals to be achieved. The New Year provides a clean slate of novel opportunities that reflect a potential for change that may foster personal growth and a perceived sense of stability. In other words, everyone’s favorite phrase has returned…..”I made a New Year’s Resolution.”

Typically, individuals speak of yearning for weight loss, a grander bank account, a lasting relationship, career success, and even happiness. Although January 1st can serve as the propeller of motivation and conviction, some individuals find it increasingly difficult to accomplish their goals. Perhaps explanations for this may be setting unrealistic goals for oneself, lack of faith in one’s abilities, becoming discouraged due to failure, a lack of focus, or even simply hoping for change instead of taking action. All of these explanations may certainly cause heavy distress and feelings of guilt, remorse, sadness, or anxiety.

Consequently, it may be incredibly beneficial to take these easy steps to ensure that your New Year’s Resolution does not fall short of your wishes.

  1. Believe that you can achieve
    your goal.
  2. Strive for goals that are meaningful to you and which are attainable based on your skills, talents, education, and experience.
  3. Celebrate your small steps forward instead of immediately bashing any mishaps.
  4. Appreciate your achievements one day at a time. Be patient. Success takes time.
  5. Be proactive, have a plan, do not procrastinate!

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