Fear of Failure-A Steppingstone to Success- Bergen County, Nj

By: Laine Podell

Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

Often people hesitate to work towards their goals and dreams due to fear of failure. Imagining the worst possible scenario before even giving it a try is detrimental. To overcome this fear we must redefine what it means to fail.

With any goal—from starting a business to trying to lose weight—it is frustrating to have setbacks and feel as though you are failing. However, at least to some degree, there will always be obstacles in a plan. What is important is having the strength to get back up after falling off track. To help build up this strength, constantly remind yourself along the way that it is normal to have missteps.

In fact, failing is not only inevitable but also beneficial. With every error, recognize what went wrong and use it as fuel to improve your plan the next time around. Each mistake is a lesson to help us reach our goal in the end, and with the greatest level of achievement.

Yes, failing can be painful. But that pain is only a short-term bump in the road. Try looking beyond that bump to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Failure can now be redefined as a steppingstone to success.

If the fear of failure is causing impairment in your life, professional counseling is a valuable resource. If you are in Bergen County, New Jersey, feel free to call 201-368-3700 to find out more information or make an appointment with one of our own counselors, therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists.



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