How to Get Inspired and Stay Motivated- Bergen County, NJ

By: Michelle Dierna

How to get inspired and stay motivated in life!

How to get inspired and stay motivated in life!

It can be hard to manage daily struggles and that is why it is important to get inspired and stay motivated. If you feel anxious, depressed or any feelings that are causing mental distress, inspiration can change the way you feel or think about life. If you find something that inspires you it keeps you motivated. Thus, when you’re motivated you will have a higher chance of succeeding in life and reaching the goals that will make you happy and reduce some mental struggles that you or a loved one might be facing.

How can you get inspired?

Inspiration can come from many things in life. An individual can be inspired by a book and its teachings, a scholar, education, belief systems or by a friend that started working out and is getting the results they want by taking action. Inspiration drives motivation; it makes a thought turn into action and fulfill the goals and future dreams people have in their lives.

So to answer the question as to how to get inspired one must take into consideration that every individual is different on what makes them feel happy and what drives them  to be motivated. However, if you feel that it might be taking you a little more time to find inspiration to give you the motivation you need here are some tips:

  • Set one goal: This goal can be anything. Find a deal going on at a local dance studio in your area and take dancing lessons! Try something new and out of your element; sometimes this can inspire you to understand what you really enjoy doing in life. This can be in work settings, school environments and at home. Example: before work have a half hour every morning for yourself to have coffee and read a magazine or book you like: do something leisurely before you begin a long day! It’s good to set a goal and make sure that you dedicate time to it.

Give yourself a time frame: You have less time to procrastinate and not fulfill the goal if you know when you want to achieve the goal. Though, If you like the new activity in your life and it inspires you to be more motivated then keep doing it! Self discipline is hard and if you achieve this goal at the end you can set more goals and have higher self esteem! Only handle tasks you can handle, don’t overload yourself.

  • Get excited and build anticipation: Yes! Get excited, plan a trip if you can, even a day trip to the beach in the near future. Have the date planned ahead of time so you have something to look forward to and get excited about! When people know that there is something other than their daily routine schedule in life, they are more likely to be motivated. The thought of the date and the exciting event planned can preoccupy your mind and help keep bad thoughts and hopelessness from arising.
  • Take a risk & don’t restrict yourself: Believe in yourself and take a risk. If you don’t take chances and risks in life you will most likely not see your full potential. What is defining your life? Your job title? Your marital status? Your friends/ family?

YOU have to define yourself. All of these aspects stated are important if discussing what consumes most of your time and overall lifestyle. Yet, allowing yourself to take risks allows you to detach yourself from areas in your life that might restrict you from feeling inspired by something new, and gives you more leverage to attach yourself to other new ventures. These new ventures could potentially be scary but improve the quality of your lifestyle. Thus, work, family and friends etc. can still be priorities and bring happiness in your life. However, an individual’s title in their career and whether they’re married or single is not all that shapes a person; but their other passions and hobbies shape them too. Motivating yourself to take more risks can lead to potential gains in every aspect in your life. Note that with risk taking you might not always succeed in the risky undertaking, but try not to let the chance of failure stop you. Failure happens to everyone at some point in their life and it can be a huge life lesson, and motivate you to change for the better.

 If you don’t take chances life can be stagnant and lead to less motivation and the feelings of being inspired. Take a risk and get excited to live the life you want and deserve!

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