The Best Way to Talk to Yourself

By: Davine Holness

talking to yourself the right way

How can self-talk reduce stress and improve outcomes?

A certain level of self-talk can be adaptive.  In a stressful situation, it is not uncommon to use self-talk to regulate thoughts and emotions and encourage one’s self.  However, not all self-talk is created equal.  There is one strategy – psychological distancing – that can increase success if we incorporate it into our internal monologue.

Recent research at the University of Michigan has found that a simple change in pronouns is enough to improve performance on a stressful task.  The experiment required participants to give a speech and were given five minutes to prepare during which they were not allowed to take notes.  During preparation, one group was told to use first-person pronouns during self-talk (such as “I feel anxious”), another was told to use second-person pronouns (“You feel anxious”), and still another group was instructed to use third-person pronouns (“[Participant’s name] feels anxious”).  It turned out that people who used second- or third-person pronouns performed significantly better on the speech.  Furthermore, they reported lower stress levels and had a more positive outlook on future challenges.

The mechanism behind this distance is psychological distancing: when you refer mentally to the self as other, you lessen the effects of distressing feelings.  Creating mental distance from threats is a strategy used in various methods of psychological therapy, one example being Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy.  Changing the way we speak to ourselves takes practice, but can have helpful outcomes.

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Winch, G. (2014, May 29). Self-Talk Increases Success If You Use This One Trick. Psychology Today. Retrieved June 2, 2014


3 thoughts on “The Best Way to Talk to Yourself

  1. This is really interesting! Thanks for sharing this research. I often use self-talk as a coping technique, and this puts a new light on it. I’m glad I found your blog—lots of great psychology info here!


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