Anxiety – Stop Procrastinating! – Bergen County NJ

 By: Michelle Diernakeep-calm-and-stop-procrastinating-8

Ever feel like you catch yourself avoiding tasks and putting your attention elsewhere when in the back of your mind you know the task has to be done regardless? Well, you’re not alone. Procrastination is putting important tasks that need to be done aside and distracting yourself  in any way possible from finishing the task this leading to the task getting completed later than expected, which may cause anxiety to rise. When you know something has to be done and it’ not completed in an appropriate timely fashion, large amounts of unnecessary pressure can be placed on an individual.

If you want to overcome procrastination  it’s helpful to center your mind on chasing the goal (i.e., how you will complete a task) or to focus on the outcome of the duty. Focus depends on a variety of things and interacts with aversive tendencies-inducing dislike of the task. Many times fear of failure and how we perceive the strength of our abilities is what leads to procrastinating.

Some Useful Tips to STOP procrastinating!

*Time Management-Plan your days. If you know you are more functional in the morning  plan to accomplish your duties in the morning, instead of waiting for the evening where you might not feel as energized and motivated-and vise versa.

Time Management is crucial to prioritizing what tasks need to be finished first, and what tasks can be finished at a later time. It is easier to complete unwanted trivial tasks if you know they will be finished at a definite time.

*Don’t overwhelm yourself –especially with large tasks. Break them down into steps that can realistically be finished rather than stressing over one overwhelming assignment/task. Keep track of each step and make sure that each step can be accomplished in twenty minutes or less if possible.

*Change your environment- Sometimes changing your environment can have extremely positive impacts on your productivity. {I.e. try doing your work somewhere peaceful, like a park instead of a noisy house}.

*Provide rewards for the accomplishments you have achieved from the day- Each time that you complete a task/assignment give yourself a mini break to decompress and prepare your mind and body for the next task you have to finish. After you have finished, you can schedule to watch your favorite show or go out with a few friends to reward yourself for successfully finishing the stressful duties that everyday life can bring.

If you or a loved one happens to be facing issues that involve procrastination and are struggling to maintain motivation to complete goals that you want achieved, and are in the Bergen County, New Jersey area, or Manhattan, feel free to call our office to make an appointment with one of our own therapists, counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists to get the guidance needed.

Arista Counseling and Psychiatric Services (201) 368-3700 or (212) 722-1920

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