Self Esteem: The Media’s Influence

By Kimberly Made

self esteemWith the way women are constantly being bombarded with expectations of how we should act and what we should look like, it’s no surprise how many suffer with problems of low self esteem. Body dissatisfaction is one of the biggest predictors of eating disorders and can go on to cause depression and anxiety. It’s as if mass media is working overtime to try to make us feel bad about ourselves. Cosmetic companies are always telling us what we should think is beautiful and that we need their products to be able to achieve it. Over time, we subconsciously begin accepting these ideas and start questioning whether or not we are good enough the way we are. We then buy into their gimmicks to get us to spend our money on their products and in turn, find our self esteem dwindling.

Portrayals of women in the media set unrealistic standards of both appearance and behavior. The more attention we pay to media messages, the more likely we are to experience self-esteem disorders. We need to stop and think about why we want to be a certain way. Is it really what we want or were we conditioned to believe that this is what we should want? We must take time to find what it is that makes us valuable. That way, we won’t need to look to the media for what they define beauty as.

If you or anyone you know suffers from self esteem issues or eating disorders, there is help. It may be beneficial to contact a mental health professional and receive therapy for eating disorders. If you are in Manhattan, New York, feel free to call us at 212-722-1920 and if you are in Bergen County, New Jersey call us at the Paramus location, 201-368-3700 to make an appointment with one of our own therapists, counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists.

Arista Counseling and Psychiatric ServicesContact the Bergen County, New Jersey or Manhattan offices at 201-368-3700 or 212-722-1920. Visit for more information.


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