Online Dating: Tinderella Seeks Prince Charming

By: Kimberly Made

Online DatingIn the age of technology it is safe to say that we use our phones for just about everything. Whether it’s texting, showing the Instagram world what we had for lunch, or live tweeting our work day, we always have our phones in our hands. It was only a matter of time until we started using our phones to help us find love.

Now we have apps like Tinder that use your phone’s GPS to connect you with potential dates in your area. You’re shown a few pictures of someone in your area with a short bio they wrote about themselves. If you’re interested, you swipe the picture to the right of your screen and if not, you swipe to the left. If a person you were interested in swipes right for you too, you’re a match and are given the option to chat. You don’t even have to leave your house to find your prince. It’s as easy as swiping your screen.

We must keep in mind that like most things, there are both advantages and disadvantages to looking for love on your phone. There’s always the fear that the person you match with could be lying or could be some kind of online predator. This is why you should always be careful with the information you give out. You should also be sure that if you decide to take your online flirtations to the next step and actually decide to meet up with your Tinder match, that you do so in a neutral, public area just in case the date does not turn out as planned.

Although these are common fears any person would have, we must also look at the advantages of online dating. Some people are too busy to go out to try to meet people. Dating apps are easy and you can use them anywhere. They also give people who may be too shy to approach someone out in the real world the opportunity to get to know the person they are interested in without any pressure.

As more people start having more success with these kinds of dating apps, more people will definitely begin hopping on the bandwagon and trying to find their soul mates this way. As of 2013, 20% of committed relationship had begun online. According to a new study, by the year 2031, 50% of couples will have met through online dating.

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2 thoughts on “Online Dating: Tinderella Seeks Prince Charming

    • It really just comes down to what each person is comfortable with. While some may enjoy the apps, others might prefer meeting people the old fashion way. To each their own 🙂


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