Drug Abuse: Signs and Symptoms of a Heroin Addict

By: Samantha Santo


Heroin is a highly addictive, illegal drug that originates from morphine.  Heroin allows users to feel a rush of euphoria and after much use of this drug users feel like they have to continue using heroin to survive.  If you believe someone you know may be addicted to heroin, look for these specific signs:

  1. Heroin addicts tend to act aggressively toward family and friends
  2. They may have slurred speech, trouble remembering things and a general disorientation
  3. Heroin addicts may act recklessly and dangerously

If the person you believe to be addicted to heroin exhibits any of these signs, it may be beneficial to have them contact a mental health professional and receive therapy for their heroin addiction.  If you are in Bergen County, New Jersey, feel free to call our Paramus office at 201-368-3700 to make an appointment with one of our own therapists, counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists.

For more information on Arista Counseling and Psychotherapy and drug abuse, visit www.acenterfortherapy.com

Keep a look out for our future blogs on specific substances and their signs and symptoms of addiction.


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